Hi! I'm Lisa Brown

I’m a writer.

The Murder Dots Trilogy, a Techno-Thriller

She never planned to become an assassin but that was before the murder dots.

Sasha’s father murdered her mother. So Sasha killed him. Marked forever with trackable ink, murder dots seemed like an easy trade for vengeance.

When things go wrong with her boyfriend, Sasha goes from starting her life over to becoming an assassin for the Sword.

Secret societies and corporate intrigue put Sasha at the center of the fight to roll out an invasive tracking technology.

Faced with an impossible choice, how many will she kill?

murder dots series

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Delta H Con

Delta H Con

A few weeks ago, we had a great time at Delta H Con. Nice to be able to go to a con nearby without all the travel headaches. You can think of it as a smaller version of one of the larger comic cons out there. We decided to go on Saturday since there were a few things...

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Grocery Store Ambush

Grocery Store Ambush

Ambush season is upon us. Entering and leaving the grocery store has become a gauntlet - run through the boy scouts, football teams, baseball, soccer, dance, school fundraiser for this or that, buy a coupon book, buy a coupon card, enter a raffle, donate to send x to...

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