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Hi there, you found this page! On my site. Out of millions others inhabiting this thing we call the Internet. Which is amazing. Well, since you’re here, I should tell you about myself.

I’m a reluctant rebel.


I’m the one with the antennae.

I never saw myself that way, as a rebel, but lately I’ve looked back and found that I never have done things in the accepted way, at least not entirely. Instead of going to college, getting a job, having kids and putting them in daycare, then school and taking 2 weeks of vacation, and doing what everyone said you were supposed to do, I chose to do it differently.

You could call me unconventionally conventional.

I didn’t complete a degree, yet I’ve always been on a quest to learn new things, following the threads of self-assigned topics and reading everything I could get my hands on.

I started my business when 5 months pregnant with our first when I was laid off in 1996. I started with a couple of freelance clients, designing websites using Notepad. There weren’t classes, or blogs, there was no Google, no Amazon, the internet was completely different and much smaller. It fit me to a T, it wasn’t mired in rules and prerequisites, it was perfect! And I could dive down any of many rabbit holes to learn new things to my heart’s content.

In a way, I grew up with the Internet and it still amazes me to look back at how far it’s come and how much has changed. And back then, I dived into the unknown and made a business. 18 25 years later, I’m at a crossroads and want to do something different. Working online still fascinates me, learning new things still drives me, I want to change my role and instead of being a service provider as I have for so many years, I want to write, teach what I know and stay on this quest of learning stuff, because I can’t not do it.

My husband and I have been married for 25 32 years and we have 2 kids. We work together, mostly from home and we homeschool, too. I know, you’re thinking, “How can you be around each other all the time?, I’d go crazy.” All I can say is it works for us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

One more thing you should know, I love the beach. Really love. Not love as in visit it once every summer but love, where I go to the beach, year round, the weather makes no difference. I go at least once a month and would be there right now if I could. I love the variations in season, the variations in the weather and wave conditions, the different stuff you find in the wrack, the smell of the air, all of it.

So what’s all that mean for me and for you if you decide to hang around?

I actually don’t completely know but if you’d like to follow along, I can promise that it won’t be more of the same old same old. Here’s some of the things I’m thinking about and learning about right now:

  • Thoughts on writing. I’ve recently owned up to the fact that I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Looking back, it’s obvious but for some reason I thought it was for other people, not me. Today, I’m writing every day and finding my way. I’m working on a novel, some short stories and plan to blog about that process. I’m also reading tons of things on the craft.
  • Thoughts on being burned out and losing my way and how I am learning and applying things that might help you if you’re feeling stuck. Everyone will run into this at some point in their life, if they say they don’t, I think they’re fibbing or they’re just not there yet. The last few years, I’ve been learning from some of the best people, workshops, books, remember my quest for learning stuff?
  • Oh, and there will be beach posts and pictures of the beach, because I can’t live without those. And it goes without saying, if I find some new interesting thread, I’ll see where it leads and write about it too.


If you are curious, you’re invited to join with other reluctant rebels and stay in touch. My newsletter isn’t frequent, it’s the place to hear about what I’m writing and I’ve got a novel series launching in 2022, plus I’ll send you a short story before the story.

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Other Places You Can Find Me Online

You can also find me at BUnlimited.com which is the business I originally started back in 1996. My current focus are Technical SEO Audits and helping businesses build a strong foundation with their website. I write and speak on WordPress, SEO and other online marketing related topics. Published in print and online, I also speak at conferences like Pubcon and lead Action Teams at Marketer’s Braintrust.

My latest project is AuthorWell.com, a place for writers to explore: mindset & motivation, craft & creativity, marketing & promotion.

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