If you look at something every day, multiple times a day, is it obsession?

I was looking through image files on my computer, doing a little housekeeping and found that I had a lot of images I’ve saved from the Galveston webcams. Like. A. Lot. I don’t save them every day, but some days there’s something interesting about the light, the water, the clouds, the boats, birds or people, and I grab a copy.  I decided to turn them into a video to post here.

So is it an obsession? Some would say yes but I say it’s just part of who I am. The beach, that meeting of sand and water and sky, calls to me and I require regular visits. For me, it’s a thing I do to take a time out or a breather, or as a reward for doing something I didn’t want to do (hello, carrot). I’ll sometimes watch the image refresh a few times (javascript magic) and get a sense of that moments weather. It’s not the same as being there to look out the window, but it’s much better than not seeing the beach and that’s why this is filed under Oh Happy. 🙂

I may not be on the island every day, but I can see the beach and the Gulf. (you should see how many beach pictures I have from various beach trips…)

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