TikTok? Okay, Fine.

So I’m setting up to do my first TikTok and I don’t know what I’m doing. This is what spurred me.

My daughter told me that I’m overthinking it. Doesn’t she know that’s what I do? Really, I can’t not overthink.

She’s given me the crash course, a basic 101 version of TikTok and I’ve spent some time there. I’m not ready but I’m going to do it today. Because if I put it off, I’ll only have regret for not trying it sooner and I don’t want that.

This is something new to me, actual video? I’ve managed to avoid it all these years. I’ll speak to a group but video, uh no. So what made me want to try this, and why now? I want to try this now because I’ve written some books and I’m going to publish them soon. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and last year the words poured out over a few months (over 108K!) and these books were the result. And I want them to have the best chance, that they don’t go into the world to crickets.

To that end, I’ve joined TikTok and will be there talking about writing, learning new ways to use social media (I’m not new to social, just to TikTok) and the marketing things that go along with being an indie writer, self-publishing books. This is my first foray into fiction, the first series I’ve written and it’s scary and exciting. It’s the good kind of scary.

Let me tell you, anything that will get me to put myself out there must be exciting, because for years I’ve flown under the radar, much to the detriment of my actual business and what I do for a living. So, it’s a big step for me and I’m slightly terrified that later today I’m going to record myself on video and post it online. I’ll be white knuckling the phone as I hold that record button and I guess it will probably suck. But I’m going to do it anyway. Because this means that much to me. Wish me luck.

Update: I posted yesterday afternoon. And my Apple watch informs me that my heart rate spiked in the minutes after pushing that button to post. Adrenalin is fun. But I didn’t die.

And this morning, I’ve actually had likes and comments on my post. Well, then. I guess I just have to get less stiff and more comfortable with the whole thing. My daughter told me that I was “too professional” but I guess that’s my age showing, damnit.

I’ll do it. After all to move beyond where you are, you have to do different things, keeping things the same same, nothing will change and I’m ready for something different, something brand new.

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