Prolific Rock Stacking

So we took a quick trip to Galveston today. (we go at least once a month and have for years – it’s my thing) Today we went to the seawall to stack rocks. It was a beautiful day. Rodney was in a rock stacking mood, prolific, if you will – 2 of these are me and my daughter’s, the rest are Rodney’s works of art with a healthy assist by my son. (someone’s gotta haul rocks)

Galveston can be so pretty in January, temp in the mid 60’s, although the water was nippy in the upper 50’s. Surfers were out too, the waves were nice.

murder dots short: decision
This is for my infrequent (for now) newsletter. 🙂


This is for my infrequent (for now) newsletter. 🙂 Murder Dots Book One: Vengeance is coming in 2022. Sign up and I’ll send you a quick glimpse of the story before the story.

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