BackupBuddy Review at SEOBraintrust

I recently wrote a review on the BackupBuddy plugin for WordPress that’s posted over at SEO Braintrust. This plugin has saved me so much trouble, (and clients so much trouble). It’s easy to use and if you’re not getting full backups of your site, you should be. Don’t be caught without one, when you need it, you will really neeeed it.  You do know what a full backup consists of? No? then you might want to read the rest here. BackupBuddy can also make duplicating and moving or migrating sites much simpler, something we can all use.

murder dots short: decision



  • Sasha's text started the whole story. Her decision in that split section changed her life. You can find the story before the story here.
  • She never planned to become an assassin...
  • Vengeance is the first book in the M* Dots Trilogy.