Abandonment is a Strong Word

circus-monkeysThis is a bit of a different type of post. It was spurred by an email. Sort of a rant and also a moment where I realized I have let it go and I’m content with my decision. I also learned the other party is still nuturing some negativity. As the image says: Not my circus, not my monkeys.

Abandoned? You are certainly free to use that label to describe your version of the story story. However, I beg to differ. My story is quite different, it’s a story of survival.

We: sent you an invoice, which you clearly did not read.

You: overreacted and cast misconceptions about the end of our relationship, we could feel the negativity underlying your email. Even though the invoice had nothing to do with what you cast stones about. Really, did you actually read it? Nope, I would guess not.

However, that doesn’t negate the outstanding balance for the client you authorized the work for. Maybe it doesn’t bother you, this not getting paid. Or maybe you got something else out of working with them, prestige, referrals, a link on a portfolio, but we didn’t. Either way, it doesn’t work for us.

The Facts: it was an invoice to a company we worked for only because you asked for and approved the work. And they still haven’t paid us, all these months later, multiple invoices later. Cue the robot voice, “ This is an attempt to collect a debt…” But you didn’t read the invoice and jumped to conclusions and made assumptions.

Our other work together was put to bed, quite some time ago, when we sent you an ultimatum and gave you a choice with a deadline. You chose not to complete things on time, after dragging on with the process and changing your mind and the scope so many times, we felt we had no other solution. So we wrapped the project up and sent you the entire work in progress and severed ties. Even Steven.

You are certainly free to remember your own version of why we don’t currently work together. You’re also free to label it as abandonment. You probably don’t realize the reason we do not work together is due to your complete and baffling lack of clarity.

I, and this is your label, ‘abandoned’ you out of self preservation, my company couldn’t sustain working with someone like you for one more minute. And so we gave you the entire work in progress, which was something that could be picked up and completed by anyone with general WordPress skills. In fact, we even gave it to you with detailed written instructions, for someone of your choosing to complete.  Unfortunately, your failure to secure a working relationship with another developer really isn’t up to us.

The bottom line and the end of this story: We fired you in the most loving way possible, it was for both of us, even if you can’t see it.

Love from a clearer space and no monkeys,


murder dots short: decision
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