Lisa Brown

Seventeen years. Working on the web. That's me. I've got a knack for understanding the web: it's always made sense. From the first time I edited html in notepad, I was hooked.

I've got hands on, real world experience with the things that make most people's eyes glaze over. Geeky things like how apache/mysql/php can deliver a website's frontend and knowing where to look when troubleshooting problems. Site things like organizing content and on-page SEO. Design things like using css and creating graphics. Hosting and domain things. All the things you need to run your website.

The best part, I really like to help others understand their sites so they can get more out of them.

I build, develop and optimize websites. I also do webinars and workshops, one on one teaching with clients, speak at events and have worked on curriculum for beginning web marketers. Topics include: WordPress, developing websites, blogging, SEO, hosting and internet marketing.

Places you can find me: